#TheReadingQuest Knight TBR

Hello there. Vair exciting news – I’ve finished the Mage pathway in The Reading Quest! I ended up using We Are Legion: We Are Bob as my “First Book in a Series” option and changing Nevernight to “A Book Set in a Different World” because I think I’ve reached fantasy saturation now and all I want now is to read thrillers/contemporary. So I’ll leave The Fifth Season by N. K. Jemisin until I fancy reading fantasy again, because I’m very much a mood reader and don’t think I’ll enjoy it as much if I force myself to read it. Anyway, that aside, I have a  and a whole new quest to be getting on with until 10 September – I have decided (like Ron Weasley) to be a Knight!

character card knight.png
I feel like a whole new person!

The Knight quest is all about adventure and action. As I’ve already completed one of the prompts for the knight (The First In A Series prompt) I’ve only (only!) got four to read for this quest.

So, below is my progress with the Quest so far…

reading quest progress.png

…and here is my new TBR for the rest of September. I know it’s fairly ambitious, but I’m hoping to complete all four books by 10 September, which is the end date of the quest.

The Word Is MurderA Book With A Verb In Its Title…

…will be The Word Is Murder by Anthony Horowitz. I’m already halfway through this and loving it. So far with his adult crime novels, Horowitz has done something unique to make it stand out from the crowd. With Magpie Murders, he included an entire, “fake” novel within the main novel that held clues for the main plot. With this one, he has written himself in as a character! I’ll let you know what I think when I’m done!


A Book With A Weapon On The Cover…

…will be Kid Got Shot by Simon Mason. This is the second in a British young adult crime Kid Got Shotseries starring reluctant detective and even more reluctant schoolboy, Garvie Smith. I really enjoyed the first in the series, Running Girl, and am looking forward to seeing where the series goes. I found it really hard to find a book I actually wanted to read with a weapon on the cover. The problem with British crime/thriller novels is that the covers are often quite abstract in design, so that even if most of them contain violence/guns/knives in the plot, it won’t be shown on the cover. As you can see here, there’s a teeny little gun over the title, so that’ll do for me.

Silent ChildA Book With A Red Cover…

… will be Silent Child by Sarah A. Denzil (audiobook). This was a stroke of luck, actually, because it’s Audible’s thriller of the year and they’ve changed the audiobook cover so that it’s red. The cover of the regular book is actually black! This has been a bit of a runaway success on Amazon, and is about a woman whose son goes missing. 10 years later, she is beginning to move on – she is married again and newly pregnant. Then, her son, now a teenager, shows up – but he has quite clearly had a terrible time over the intervening years and is completely mute. That’s about all I know, but the audiobook is narrated by Jane Frogatt, who plays the housemaid Anna in Downton Abbey!

A Book That Has A TV/Movie Adaptation

…will be The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne. I have had this on my shelf for Boy Striped Pyjamasthe LONGEST time and it’s getting a bit embarrassing, really. It has been made into a movie, which I… have not watched, but this is my excuse to get around to the book at long last! I have managed over the years to avoid hearing too much about this book – all I know is that a young boy’s father changes jobs and he has to move, and near his home is a large wire fence. On the other side of this fence, he sees a boy in striped clothing and strikes up a friendship with him. I fully expect to weep buckets.


Finally, there is one last side quest I’d like to complete, and that is the prompt to read a graphic novel. For this, I’m still hoping to read…

…Monstress by Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda



I chose this graphic novel because it won the Hugo Award 2017 in its category. It will be my very first graphic novel! Also, I think the artwork is absolutely stunning. I fully admit that I know nothing about this whatsoever, but I’m very excited to dive in!




So there we are. I have just over a week and this is probably horribly ambitious again, but some of the books are pretty short and I’m already halfway through one.

Let me know if you’ve read any of these and what you thought! How are you doing if you’re joining in with The Reading Quest?

My update for Week 3 will be up on the blog tomorrow, so I’ll catch up then!


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