Review Policy

As a single blogger writing reviews while juggling two jobs, I am really sad that my review request capabilities are limited. I do – of course – love hearing about and experiencing new books, but frustratingly, my time to actually read them can be limited.

This means that I’m not accepting self-published books at present. I’m really sorry about this, as I know that blogs can be an amazing platform for self-published authors; if I’m ever in the situation where I do have that bit more time, this would definitely change. As I already have reading commitments with my book club and as a bookseller, and this doesn’t leave me a great deal of time to properly investigate the vast numbers of self-published titles out there. Due to the amount of emails I’m getting, I am afraid I cannot reply to review requests from self-published authors.

I am interested in the following genres:

  • Fantasy
  • Science fiction
  • Crime/thrillers
  • Historical fiction
  • Contemporary fiction
  • YA

I am not particularly interested in non-fiction or children’s fiction of middle grade and below.

I am a bit of a physical book purist: I don’t actually have an e-reader and don’t like reading on my computer screen very much. For me, a big part of the pleasure of reading is holding a physical copy and being able to see how far through I am and turning the pages, all that good stuff. I am therefore reluctant to accept e-copies of books because I find them really hard to get through.

I am very much a mood reader and try not to put pressure on myself to read certain things, so if I accept a book for review I will really try to get to it quickly but there might be a wait involved. Sometimes I have a great deal of freelance work and the blog has to go by the wayside for a little while, which is why it would be unfair of me to make concrete commitments in terms of deadlines.

I also have to state here that I write honestly about books and may not always be positive in my review. Having said that, I tend not to write about books that I hated or DNF’d. I get no pleasure out of writing a review that is just about bashing a book, and I want this blog to highlight good books rather than slam bad ones!

Thank you so much for reading my Review Policy and for looking at my little corner of the book blogging world, I’m looking forward to hearing from you!